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The basis of diversity management is diagnosing the needs of employees and implementing activities that will enable the use of the potential of diverse teams by building inclusive workplaces. The problem is that as many as 85 percent employers in Poland do not conduct activities aimed at supporting a specific group of employees. This is incomprehensible in the context of many challenges faced by the labour market in Poland, such as the economic activity rate of people with disabilities or the issue of combining work with care for children or dependent adults, such as parents.

Lately, however, more and more companies mobilised by EU directives realise the fact that effective functioning of the company highly depends on respect for equality and diversity of its employees and business partners. One of the best examples  so far is TMobile that has included diversity in the canon of its organisational values and makes every effort to create the most inclusive work environment possible. In 2020 the project called "We love diversity. The Power of Diversity” has been launched aiming to promote diversity both within T-Mobile and among the company's business partners.

The representative of T-Mobile Polska emphasizes that education within the company is extremely important in promoting diversity and should result from its policy

Their values: Inclusiveness and diversity are an integral part of their sustainable development strategy.

Their efforts already contribute to the growth, attractiveness and well-being of the organization's employees and can be a good example to follow by other companies.

Undeniably diversity management should be based on the education of all employees. These may be courses or training equipping participants with knowledge about the differences between employees and how to use them when working in a team.

Therefore, we believe that our activities under the DARE project will perfectly fill the gap of lack of such training.

The results of our work on this topic will appear soon, stay tuned!

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